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Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) is the most comprehensive and expansive developmental and relationship-based approach to address those things that our children find most difficult as a result of their neurology. The approach is a family systems approach and places the parents as guides to their children, at the centre of the work. We as parents already have what it takes to guide our children through this life, and RDI helps us to deliberately constructed interactions take our children on a journey of learning, thinking, problem-solving, and becoming active participants in their own lives and in that of the world around them.

As your family’s RDI consultant I would guide you on a journey of learning about Autism and what the most up to date research tells us about the brain and child development. I will work with you to apply this to your own family and bring you to an understanding of both your and your child’s main obstacles. Through this process you are considered the expert on your child(ren) and your family and will be empowered to create a better quality of life for the family, and set your child up to be a dynamic thinker in the dynamic world that we live in.

When you become an RDI parent, you also gain access to a very rich online community where you can access a vast amount of resources: research, webinars, videos of other parents doing RDI and/or simply connecting with other RDI parents. The possibilities for self-paced learning in this platform are endless.

DIR Floortime

I am a basic practitioner of Stanley Greenspan’s DIR (Development – Individual differences – Relationship) Floortime approach. In this strong relationship based approach the relationship and emotional connection (affect) in the parent-child relationship is central, as we know that children learn through relationships. Finding the emotional connection in the interaction between parents is key, while at the same time really looking at each child’s individual processing differences. This approach places a significant emphasis on a child’s unique profile through considering things such as their sensory needs and other processing differences that impact a child’s ability to stay regulated in interactions. It lends itself to multi-disciplinary working, as our kids often have complex challenges and these can’t be ignored for their impact on the bigger picture.


Dr Stuart Shanker’s Self-reg has been a ground-breaking approach in understanding the impact of stress on children’s (and parents’) ability to self-regulate. It is based on neuroscientific research and findings and offers a sound approach to helping all children and adults understand their own stressors, the impact they might have and also their own coping/soothing mechanisms to achieve a more regulated and calm state. It is an approach that really is an ongoing, lifelong process of empowering both parents and kids with knowledge and self-awareness that, when applied, achieves a much calmer and happier state of being. Through the process of practicing the 5-step self-reg method we also benefit from gaining increased empathy for ourselves and others.

As a certified Self-reg practitioner, I will help you become proficient at applying this 5 step Slef-reg process to your and your family members’ lives to achieve a more regulated state for all of you. From a calm, focused and alert place, we are capable of learning and connecting, and achieving happiness and fulfillment.

Professional Group Training Workshops

I offer group training workshops for professionals, such as ECE’s, Teachers, Educational support staff, speech and language pathologists, Occupational Therapists and others working with children with Autism. In these training workshops I aim to help participants understand the true neurology of Autism and link this knowledge to day-to- day life for Autistics and those who work with them. A clear understanding of the neurological differences underlying the behaviours we often associate with Autism, increases our ability to respond empathically. It also helps us to tailor our responses so they are meaningful in order to create real growth opportunities. The course has a particular emphasis on relationships and its influence on development. The practical strategies in the course focus on communication, strategies to foster independent Autistic thinkers and there is also a focus on sensory processing and its impact on the child through the stress that it creates for the child. 

Parent Group Training Workshops

I periodically run parent group training sessions for parents who aren’t yet in a position to commit to a full-time family consultation program.  The program consists of six weekly sessions of 2 hours with a group of a maximum of 6 participants. We cover topics such as Autism Neurology, Communication, Limit setting, Growth Seeking Motivation and Agency, Relationship Foundations; Stress and Self-Reg. It also includes one initial and one post course one-o –one consultation with me, and two video analyses – one prior to starting the course and one following the last session.

Please contact me to enquire about the next intake.

Parent Support Group (face-to-face online meetings via Zoom)

I periodically run parent support group meetings via Zoom. This allows you to connect with other parents with children in similar situations as you, from the comfort of your own home. This group is lead by the needs of the participants and topics are agreed upon in consultation with group members.

Please contact me to enquire about spaces in the group.

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